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ARTAV antivirus Hi world, this unofficial blog from Artav antivirus, local antivirus reviews and continuous monthly update.

ARTAV antivirus provides protection against all types of malware and contains powerful “resident protection”, also commonly referred to as “on-access” protection as it checks files at the moment they are accessed. Normally the resident protection provides all the protection you need to prevent your computer from being infected by a virus. Once the program has been downloaded, the resident protection runs continuously in the background and monitors all parts of your computer’s activity.

However, if the resident protection is turned off for any reason, or if it has been inactive for any period of time, it is possible to perform a retrospective manual scan (otherwise known as an “on-demand” scan) of all the files on your computer. ARTAV antivirus also includes a special screen saver that constantly scans your computer for viruses when it is switched on but not currently in use.


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